Every day, the Site Scanning program runs a scanning engine to dynamically pull down lists of domains from various sources and then scan them with a collection of scan plugins to gather data on them.

The resulting data that populates this API then can be seen as having two main utilities:

  • Providing a fairly comprehensive dataset of US federal government websites.
  • Providing various information and analysis about each of these websites.

In addition to querying the data via API, you can also download it directly as a CSV or JSON file.

For substantial detail about how the scans work and the nature of the data contained within this API, refer to the Technical Details page on the program website.

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Getting Started

To begin using this API, you will need to register for an API Key. You can sign up for an API key below. After registration, you will need to provide this API key in the x-api-key HTTP header with every API request.

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HTTP Header Name Description
x-api-key API key from api.data.gov. For sample purposes, you can use DEMO_KEY as an API key.

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API Description

The endpoint begins at https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/websites


The scan API has two endpoints for scan data:

  • /websites/ returns scan data for all targeted websites. This is a paginated endpoint, so to see all the data, you will need to iterate through all the pages.
  • /websites/[target_url] returns scan data for a particular website (specified by replacing [target_url] with the desired target url.

Query Options

The /websites/ endpoint can be queried in numerous ways.

  • target_url
  • target_url_domain
  • final_url_domain
  • final_url_live
  • target_url_redirects
  • target_url_agency_owner
  • target_url_bureau_owner
  • scan_status
  • dap_detected_final_url

In order to filter by multiple parameters, include an & in between each.

Example Analysis Queries

  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/websites?target_url_domain=gsa.gov
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/websites?final_url_domain=gsa.gov
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/websites?target_url_agency_owner=General%20Services%20Administration
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/websites?final_url_domain=gsa.gov&target_url_redirects=true

Pagination and Limits

The following parameters can be added to change the nature of the return.


  • limit={x} - Changes the return to include x results
  • page={y} - Returns the y page of results

Each query to the websites endpoint will also include the following fields:

  • totalItems - how many results are included in this query.
  • itemCount - how many results are included in this return.
  • itemsPerPage - how many results this return is configured to return.
  • totalPages - how many pages of results exist for this query.
  • currentPage - which page of results this return is showing.

The return also includes the following links for convenience:

  • first - the URL that will return the first page of results for this query.
  • previous - the URL that will return the previous page of results for this query.
  • next - the URL that will return the next page of results for this query.
  • last - the URL that will return the last page of results for this query.

Note that the results are ordered in descending alphabetical order for the target_url field.

Sample Result

  "scan_date": "2022-06-29T00:30:02.908Z",
  "not_found_scan_status": "completed",
  "primary_scan_status": "completed",
  "robots_txt_scan_status": "completed",
  "sitemap_xml_scan_status": "completed",
  "dns_scan_status": "completed",
  "target_url_domain": "gsa.gov",
  "final_url": "https://www.gsa.gov/",
  "final_url_live": true,
  "final_url_domain": "gsa.gov",
  "final_url_mimetype": "text/html",
  "final_url_same_domain": true,
  "final_url_status_code": 200,
  "final_url_same_website": false,
  "target_url_404_test": true,
  "target_url_redirects": true,
  "uswds_usa_classes": 55,
  "uswds_string": 2,
  "uswds_tables": 0,
  "uswds_inline_css": 3,
  "uswds_favicon": 20,
  "uswds_string_in_css": 20,
  "uswds_favicon_in_css": 0,
  "uswds_merriweather_font": 0,
  "uswds_publicsans_font": 0,
  "uswds_source_sans_font": 5,
  "uswds_semantic_version": "v3.0.1",
  "uswds_version": 20,
  "uswds_count": 125,
  "dap_detected_final_url": true,
  "dap_parameters_final_url": {
    "agency": "GSA",
    "subagency": "OSC",
    "sp": "query",
    "enhlink": "true",
    "yt": "false"
  "og_title_final_url": "Home",
  "og_description_final_url": "Front Page for the GSA.gov website",
  "og_article_published_final_url": null,
  "og_article_modified_final_url": null,
  "main_element_present_final_url": true,
  "robots_txt_final_url": "https://www.gsa.gov/robots.txt",
  "robots_txt_final_url_status_code": 200,
  "robots_txt_final_url_live": true,
  "robots_txt_detected": true,
  "robots_txt_final_url_mimetype": "text/plain",
  "robots_txt_target_url_redirects": true,
  "robots_txt_final_url_filesize_in_bytes": 2189,
  "robots_txt_crawl_delay": 10,
  "robots_txt_sitemap_locations": null,
  "sitemap_xml_detected": false,
  "sitemap_xml_final_url_status_code": 404,
  "sitemap_xml_final_url": "https://www.gsa.gov/sitemap.xml",
  "sitemap_xml_final_url_live": false,
  "sitemap_xml_target_url_redirects": true,
  "sitemap_xml_final_url_filesize_in_bytes": null,
  "sitemap_xml_final_url_mimetype": "text/html",
  "sitemap_xml_count": null,
  "sitemap_xml_pdf_count": null,
  "third_party_service_domains": [
  "third_party_service_count": 10,
  "dns_ipv6": true,
  "login_detected": null,
  "target_url": "gsa.gov",
  "target_url_branch": "Executive",
  "target_url_agency_owner": "General Services Administration",
  "target_url_agency_code": 23,
  "target_url_bureau_owner": "GSA, IDI, ECAS II",
  "target_url_bureau_code": null,
  "source_list_federal_domains": true,
  "source_list_dap": true,
  "source_list_pulse": true

Analysis Endpoint

There is also an analysis endpoint located at https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/analysis

Instead of scan data, it returns some analysis on an API query, namely:

  • How many websites it returns - (target_url)
  • How many domains are represented in the results - (final_url_domain)
  • How many agencies are represented in the results - (target_url_domain_owners)

Example Analysis Queries

  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/analysis
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/analysis?target_url_domain=gsa.gov
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/analysis?final_url_domain=gsa.gov&target_url_redirects=true
  • https://api.gsa.gov/technology/site-scanning/v1/analysis?target_url_agency_owner=General%20Services%20Administration

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OpenAPI Specification File

You can view the full details of this API in the OpenAPI Specification file available here.

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Data Dictionary

You can find a complete description of each field in the Site Scanning data dictionary.

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HTTP Response Codes

The API will return one of the following responses:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Successful. Data will be returned in JSON format.
400 Bad request. Verify the query string parmaters that were provided.
403 API key is not correct or was not provided.
4XX Additional 400-level are caused by some type of error in the information submitted.

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Download the Data Directly

In order to download all of the scan data as a flat file, the system generates two sets of CSV and JSON exports every weekend. The primary set includes scan data for all live URLs (i.e. Final URL - Live = TRUE), but excludes machine-readable data files (e.g. XML, JSON). This data can be accessed at:

The second set includes scan data for all URLs that were scanned, regardless of whether they are live or not (some may be inaccessible over the public internet, no longer live, or experiencing downtime). This data can be accessed at:

Contact Us

Please reach out with any questions or feedback by filing an issue here or emailing the team.

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