The GSA API provides a set of definations and protocols to build and integrate content for https://buy.gsa.gov

The URL for the CALC RATES API is https://api.gsa.gov/acquisition/calc/v2/api/rates

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The Response

The response represents the rows in the data array in the JSON reports that can be downloaded. You may also download the document files.

They are returned as an array of JSON objects. Here is an example of one such object for RATES:

  "id": "integer",
  "idv_piid": "string",
  "vendor_name": "string",
  "labor_category": "string",
  "education_level": "string",
  "min_years_experience": "integer",
  "hourly_rate_year1": "decimal 5,2",
  "current_price": "decimal 5,2",
  "next_year_price": "decimal 5,2",
  "second_year_price": "decimal 5,2",
  "schedule": "string",
  "sin": "string",
  "contractor_site": "string",
  "business_size": "string",
  "keywords": "string",
  "certifications": "string",
  "security_clearance": "string",
  "modified_date": "timestamp"

Querying documents - API Calls

Rates JSON documents can be queried from your browser using the following URL


Paging documents by parameters

Documents can be paged through using ?page=......


  • https://api.gsa.gov/acquisition/calc/v2/api/rates/?page=3 - It will return the third page of RATES documents.

HTTP Response Codes

The API will return one of the following responses:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Successful. Data will be returned in JSON format.
4XX Additional 400-level are caused by some type of error in the information submitted.

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