2016 Government-wide Earth Day Hackathon
Help the government go "green" at the Government-wide Earth Day Hackathon


*Smokey & the Bandits, ICF - USFS Energy & Water Usage
  • Members: Kevin Chamberlain, Tim Gregory, Deb Harris, Leslie Chinery

  • Solution file: Code files

*Team CVP - NIST Bees 2.0
  • Members: Brian Miguel, Vignesh Iyer

  • Project File: TBD

*CGI Digital Services - EPA Map Project/Climate Change
  • Members: Ed Canoles, Brett Gaines, Chris Chafin, Austin Guiswhite, Regis Bolden

  • Solution file: Code files

*ICF - EPA Map Project/Climate Change
  • Members: Angela Wong, Carson Monroe, Alexander Lataille, Sampada Rajan

  • Solution file: Code files

Team Gaia! The Geofencers - EPA Geofence
Forum One - CEQ Wildfire
  • Members: Carlisle Sargent, Kennan Holloway, Martin Franzini, William Hurley

  • Solution file: Code files
UVI Beaches - EPA UVI Index
  • Members: David Franklin, Stephen Tuso, Paul Harvey Weiner, Stephen Villavicencio, Daniel Mietchen

  • Solution file: Code files

Smokey's Sleep Pathologists - BAH - USDA/USFS Water and Energy
  • Members: Nathan Mellis, Nick Dichiaro, John Master, Dan Rich, Reza Dehganpour, Ksenia Coulter, Ashish Tense

  • Solution file: Code files

47 52 45 45 4E - REI - CEQ Green Purchasing
Throwin' Shade - BAH - USDA/USFS Shade Index
  • Members: Christopher Haberland, Lizzie Dabbs, Kevin Li, Andrew Mishar, Arman Frasier, Elizaveta Kizhchukova, Sunny Ng, Leah Vaughn

  • Solution file: Code files

*Winners - Won $3,750 per team for the best solution as determined by an executive judging panel

Agency Challenges


GSA hosted the first ever Government-wide Earth Day Hackathon on Friday April 22nd from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The event was held at the GSA Central Office Building, located at 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC., close to the Metro Orange Line at Farragut Square and the Red Line at Farragut North.

Industry professionals, students, and government employees were invited. They participated and collaborated with multiple government agencies and had the opportunity to develop new solutions and win cash prizes.