The Exclusions API will allow users to request Public Exclusion Information based on various optional request parameters. The response will be provided in the JSON format in a paginated manner.

Key Features of the Exclusion API:

  • It offers several optional search parameters, filtering by sections, AND, OR, NOT conditions and a free text search q to obtain the desired data.
  • It returns synchronous responses directly in the browser.
  • It returns ten records per page in the JSON format.
  • It can return only the first 10,000 records.

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Getting Started

Exclusions API can be accessed from Beta or Alpha via the following end points:

  • Beta: Coming soon
  • Alpha: https://api-alpha.sam.gov/prodlike/sam-exclusions?api_key= < value >

Generating a personal API Key:

  • Registered users can request for a public API on ‘Account Details’ page. This page can be accessed here: Account Details page on beta.sam.gov
  • Users must enter their password on ‘Account Details’ page to view the API Key information. If an incorrect password is entered, an error will be returned.
  • After the API Key is generated on ‘Account Details’ page, the API Key can be viewed on the Account Details page immediately. The API Key is visible until users navigate to a different page.
  • If an error is encountered during the API Key generation/retrieval, then users will receive an error message and they can try again.

Generating a System Account API Key:

  • Users registered with a non-government email address and associated with an entity OR users registered with a government email address may request a system account for public data access.
  • If a user satisfies the above registration criteria they will be able to access the System Accounts widget from their Workspace page after logging in.
  • The user can then select ‘Go to System Accounts’ from the widget and fill out the required sections.
  • The requested system account will then need to be approved. After approval the user will be notified via email and they can also see the updated status in the System Account widget.
  • The user can select ‘Go to System Accounts’ again in the widget from their workspace and enter a new system account password.
  • After setting up the password the user will see a new section for retrieving a system account API Key.
  • The user must enter their password again to retrieve the key.

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API Description

Alpha Endpoint: https://api-alpha.sam.gov/prodlike/sam-exclusions?api_key= < value >

Description Restful endpoint to retrieve Exclusion detail information

Query String Parameters

Parameter Name Description
classification Allows a string (Individual, Firm, Vessel, Special Entity Designation, null).

Example: ‘classification=Firm’
exclusionName Allows partial text or a complete text.

Example: ‘exclusionName=SAM’
exclusionType Allows a string (IP, IC, PR, VE, Ineligible (Proceedings Pending), Ineligible (Proceedings Completed), Prohibition/Restriction, Voluntary Exclusion).

Example: ‘exclusionType=IP’
exclusionProgram Allows a string (RE, NP, PR, Reciprocal, Non-Procurement, Procurement).

Example: ‘exclusionProgram=Y’
stateProvince Allows a string.

Example: ‘stateProvince=AR’
country Allows a string.

Example: ‘country=USA’
zipCode Allows a string.

Example: ‘zipCode=20171’
ueiDUNS Unique Entity Identifier DUNS- 9 digit value (9725565, TF118652, 047795005, null).

Example: ‘ueiDUNS=9725565’
excludingAgencyCode Allows a string (AF, DOJ, FEMA-IOD, null).

Example: ‘excludingAgencyCode=AF’
excludingAgencyName Allows a string (FEDERAL, FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, null).

Example: ‘excludingAgencyName=FEDERAL’
ctCode Allows a string.

Example: ‘ctCode=ZZ’
activationDate Allows a single Date or Date range. Format: MM/dd/yyyy.

Example: ‘activationDate=02/12/1999’
creationDate Allows a single Date or Date range. Format: MM/dd/yyyy.

Example: ‘creationDate=02/12/1999’
updateDate Allows a single Date or Date range. Format: MM/dd/yyyy.

Example: ‘updateDate=02/12/1999’
terminationDate Allows a single Date or Date range. Format: MM/dd/yyyy.

Example: ‘terminationDate=02/12/1999’
cageCode Allows a string.

Example: ‘cageCode=0Y5L9’
npi Allows a string.

Example: ‘npi=1053373266’
ssn Allows a string.

Example: ‘ssn=XXXXXXXXX’
tin Allows a string.

Example: ‘tin=XXXXX’
page Page number.

Example: ‘page=0’
size Retrieves Records size per page.

Example: ‘size=1’
includeSections Allows to filter data by sections, exclusionDetails, exclusionIdentification, exclusionActions, exclusionAddress, exclusionOtherInformation and vesselDetails.

Example: ‘includeSections=exclusionOtherInformation,exclusionDetails’

Expected Result

API response consists of Sections, Sub-sections and Tags underneath each of the Sections or Sub-sections

Section/Sub-section/Tag Type Description
classificationType string Classification Type
exclusionType string Exclusion Type
exclusionProgram string Exclusion Program
excludingAgencyCode string Excluding Agency Code
excludingAgencyName string Excluding Agency Name
ueiSAM string Unique Entity Identifier SAM
ueiDUNS string Unique Entity Identifier DUNS
entityEFTIndicator string Entity EFT Indicator
cageCode string CAGE Code
npi string NPI
prefix string Prefix
firstName string First Name
middleName string Middle Name
lastName string Last Name
suffix string Suffix
name string Company Name
exclusionActions –> listOfActions    
createDate string Create Date
updateDate string Update Date
activateDate string Activate Date
terminationDate string Termination Date
terminationType string Termination Type
recordStatus string Record Status
address1 string Address 1
address2 string Address 2
city string Address City
stateProvince string Address State or Province
zipCode string Address Zip OR Postal Code
country string Country
additionalComments string Additional Comments
ctCode string CT Code
dnbInvestigationStatus string DNB Investigation Status
references –> referencesList    
name string Name
type string Type
moreLocations string More Locations
callSign string Call Sign
type string Type
tonnage string Tonnage
grt string GRT
flag string Flag
owner string Owner
secondaryAddress string Secondary Address

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OpenAPI Specification File

You can view the full details of this API in the OpenAPI Specification file available here: Open API specification file for the Exclusion API

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HTTP Response Codes

The API will return one of the following responses:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Successful. Data will be returned in JSON format.
400 Application Level Error Messages:

* Date should be specified in the format: MM/dd/YYYY.

* Invalid Input Parameters.

* The parameter: ‘exclusionName’ or ‘includeSections’ is not permitted inside Query Param(q).

* The value null/empty is not valid for parameter ‘Query Param (q).

* A maximum of 100 ueiDUNS is allowed.

* A maximum of 100 CAGE Codes is allowed.
403 API key is not correct or was not provided.

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