The Digital.gov Content API provides machine-readable access to all of the content that makes up digital.gov.

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Getting Started

To begin using this API, you will need to register for an API Key below.

After registration, you will need to provide this API key in the x-api-key HTTP header with every API request.

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HTTP Header Name Description
x-api-key API key from api.data.gov. For sample purposes, you can use DEMO_KEY as an API key.

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API Description

Content APIs

The Digital.gov APIs might change from time to time. We will do our best to notify readers of any changes through our newsfeed and in this documentation page.

HOME — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Communities JSON — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/communities/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Resources JSON — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/resources/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Blog Posts JSON — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/posts/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Events JSON — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/events/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Single Community — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/communities/agile-lean/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Single Resource — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/resources/omb-memos-circulars-executive-orders-and-other-policies/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Single Blog Post — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/2018/07/17/experiments-in-tweaking-agile-for-ux/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Single Event — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/event/2018/07/26/civic-service-design-tools-tactics/index.json?api_key=DEMO_KEY

Taxonomy / Data APIs

All Images — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/images/v1/json/?api_key=DEMO_KEY

All Tags — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/tag/v1/json/?api_key=DEMO_KEY

All Categories — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/categories/v1/json/?api_key=DEMO_KEY

All Authors — https://api.gsa.gov/technology/digitalgov/v1/authors/v1/json/?api_key=DEMO_KEY

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HTTP Response Codes

The API will return one of the following responses:

HTTP Response Code Description
200 Successful. Data will be returned in JSON format.
400 Bad request. Verify the query string parmaters that were provided.
403 API key is not correct or was not provided.
4XX Additional 400-level are caused by some type of error in the information submitted.

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OpenAPI Specification File

You can view the full details of this API in the OpenAPI Specification file available here: Open API specification file for the Digital.gov API

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Contact Us

To suggest a feature or ask for help, please file an issue in our project repository or send an email to digitalgov@gsa.gov.

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