GSA Digital Innovation
- Fall Edition

Join us for the second edition of our Digital Innovation Hackathon. The first one in May was very productive and we plan to make this bigger and better than the last.

Questions? Ideas? Contact the lead organizer Joe Castle.

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Friday, October 16th, 2015 from 8:30am-4:30pm

The event will take place at GSA Headquarters, at 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC. This is close to the Metro Orange Line at Farragut Sq. and Red Line at Farragut North.

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Coders, designers, engineeers, data scientists, and SMEs from industry, academia, and government are all invited! Pre-determined teams are welcome and cash prizes will be awarded to the best projects. (Note: Please check out the rules before registering.)

Here is information regarding GSA's first hackathon along with popular press description.

Potential Projects:

Green House Gas (GHG) Reduction Visualization
This project focuses on enhancing the current GHG data reduction visualizations to include other variables such as diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. Skills needed include data scientists, web developers, and UX designers.

Data Center Consolidation Mashup and Tool
The purpose of this challenge is mashup different data sets/sources into visualization and application for the White House, GAO, GSA, and other agencies to utilize. Skills needed include web and application developers, UX designers, data scientists, and data center SMEs.

Travel Challenge 2.0 Data Analysis and Mashup
As a continuation of a challenge in 2014, GSA is looking for data analysts to take the Travel App to the next level. Skills needed include web developers, UX designers, data scientists, and travel SMEs.

Our projects page includes detailed project descriptions and data sets.